The gift of caring

By February 27, 2014 May 15th, 2017 No Comments

The Foundation is steadfast in its belief that community development is integral to poverty alleviation. During a visit to the Bhungeni village in Limpopo during April 2014, we found a poverty-stricken community struggling to meet its basic needs.

But there are angels among us who do amazing work. We found that one of the community members has been preparing meals for the community on a monthly basis out of her own pocket to try and alleviate some hunger.

In partnership with her and the community, the Foundation is to implement poverty alleviation projects to help meet the social needs of the community. Our donation included Fleece blankets, washing rags, winter socks and sports items, such as soccer and tennis balls. About 200 community members benefited and we were heartened that, step-by-step, the Foundation’s gift of caring about those less privileged is making a difference where it is needed most.

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