Changing Lives

The GladAfrica Foundation is a vehicle for changing lives and improving community wellbeing through  addressing the scourge of poverty to overcome disempowerment and the inability of our people to live better lives.

South Africa’s social-economic short-comings offer ample scope for organisations, such as the Foundation, to assist in uplifting and empowering those living in previously disadvantaged communities.

There is a dire need for assistance in classrooms filled with children who have not been fed, to demotivated teachers no longer inspired to reach out to each and every child, grandmothers who can no longer fetch water or care for themselves, mothers who do not know where the next meal will come from and communities who have lost their sense of identity, moral integrity and values due to poverty.

Poverty is a trigger for many of the challenges faced by millions every day in communities nationwide. These include drug and alcohol abuse, school absenteeism and especially, the lack of education.

Our economy will only thrive when our classrooms equip learners with the tools and ability to participate fully in the macro economy and when the attitude of learners and teachers alike embrace, foster and value education as an imperative to achieve meaningful development, growth and prosperity.

Our vision of building relationships with those we serve to create leaders committed to breaking the barriers to prosperity and entrepreneurs passionate about contributing to a society free from the chains of state dependence and poverty, is robust.

We are committed to investing in our youth and our communities so they are hardwired to succeed and encouraged to reach their aspirations, equipping them to thrive and be tomorrow’s leaders, regardless of where they are born.