What We Do

In all its operations, the Foundation pursues the highest ethical standards of best practice. We deliver quality-driven socio-economic projects that directly benefit disadvantaged, black individuals living in challenged and vulnerable communities.

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.

Nelson Mandela

Bursary Program

Our Bursary Program aims to empower these individuals in impoverished communities to break the cycle of poverty through higher education. We believe that every child, no matter how destitute the environment in which they live, is entitled to the opportunity to dream, to experience freedom, hope and to be given the chance to become a successful leader, and in turn, assist in improving the livelihoods of the poor.

Our Bursary Program rewards underprivileged students for exceptional academic achievement with full bursaries to study at any South African university.

The Foundation’s education and career development projects are hinged on our mission to empower people in impoverished communities – creating new, sustainably positive realities and promising futures for those we assist.

Educational ProjectsBursary Application


According to the Higher Education and Skills in South Africa Report released by Statistics South Africa, more than half of our youth (or 51% or 1.4 million) of aged 18–24 claim that they do not have the financial means to pay for their tuition.

Focus Areas


Identify top achievers


Mentorship and support


Educational projects




Motivate and encourage


Alleviate poverty


Career awareness


Inspire and build confidence

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Social Development

Community development is integral to poverty alleviation. Livelihood challenges are a distressful daily reality for most indigent communities. A lack of resources and opportunities for improvement prevent those resident in such communities from creating a better life for themselves and, subsequently, for their families and communities.

Our strategy manifests in identifying innovative projects that address challenges in these communities and sustainably empowering individuals to elevate their people from the shackles of poverty.

Social Development Projects


According to the Department of Statistics South Africa, a staggering 62,1% of children aged 0 -17 years are multidimensionally poor in South Africa.

Focus Areas

Health Research

Health is at the core of the human ability to succeed and prosper. However, with millions of South Africans ensnared in communities with minimal access to health education, and where scarcity is a way of life, are sadly the communities adversely affected by the social impact of misinterpretation of unfamiliar and unknown medical conditions.

This lack of knowledge in turn creates untruths about illness, infuses social stigma around certain medical condition and results in discrimination against those affected. Knowledge and awareness can, and does mitigate the debilitating effect of certain health conditions and improves the ability of those afflicted to be supported by their communities in dealing with their illnesses.

Health ProjectsEpilepsy Research


According to Epilepsy SA, Epilepsy affects 1 out of 100 people. Epilepsy is one of the health conditions that remains highly stigmatised within our communities. It is a condition that can affect anybody, the old and young as it has no boundaries.

Epilepsy is a condition which has personally affected the life of one of the founders of the Foundation. In its first health research project, the Foundation joins forces with a research organisation to elevate awareness about, and assist with the management of Epilepsy in black communities. The ultimate aim of the initiative being to facilitate the community with understanding and acceptance of stigmatised illnesses, while equipping them with the ability to better cope with the conditions.