GladAfrica Foundation entered into a partnership with the University of Venda in a quest to eradicate the negative stigma attached to the epilepsy condition whereby the University of Venda will be conducting a 4 years research study on the epilepsy condition.

Through this project we will be able to raise awareness and share facts about the condition and bring about initiatives that will eliminate the negative stigma attached to it. This project will be life changing for many communities especially for the families of those that are struggling with the condition and we are hopeful that it will transform many lives by bringing knowledge, understanding, support and hope.

We are ecstatic about this partnership and we look forward to a journey of Building Lives, Creating Hope.

Epilepsy Research Project

The GladAfrica Foundation is pleased to announce its new community development undertaking, the Epilepsy Research Project. In line with its mandate of uplifting communities through socially meaningful projects, the GladAfrica Foundation and the University of Venda will formally enter into a partnership to research about epilepsy in rural communities of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

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