February 3, 2021

GladAfrica Foundation Invests In An Epilepsy Research Project

In a mutual partnership with the GladAfrica Foundation Trust, University of Venda has initiated an epilepsy research project which aims to develop an epilepsy intervention programmes for the rural communities of Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces in order to promote quality of life among people living with epilepsy, their parents and caregivers.   Progress On 12 February 2019, GladAfrica Epilepsy Research…
February 13, 2020

GladAfrica Epilepsy Research Project Launch – February 2020

GladAfrica Foundation entered into a partnership with the University of Venda in a quest to eradicate the negative stigma attached to the epilepsy condition whereby the University of Venda will be conducting a 4 years research study on the epilepsy condition. Through this project we will be able to raise awareness and share facts about the condition and bring about…
February 15, 2019

International Epilepsy Week – February 2019

A candlelight ceremony was held on 15/02/2019 as a symbol of hope, to show that there is a light that shines through each and everyone of us and if we can come together as one, we can achieve so much more and make the world a much brighter place.   We are committed to Building Lives, Creating Hope. Epilepsy Research…