Supporting Epilepsy Awareness

According to Epilepsy SA, Epilepsy affects one out of 100 people in South Africa; which translates into about 500 000 people and makes it one of the most common neurological diseases. Despite this, the condition is often surrounded by prejudice and myth, especially in rural communities where people with this condition are often shunned and thought to be “possessed.”

People who suffer from epilepsy are often treated differently by their families and communities due to various reasons.

This could be perpetuated by myths; the lack of information or knowledge of care options at the disposal of communities, especially in rural communities.  The GladAfrica Foundation believes there is a need to destigmatise epilepsy and raise awareness on its causes and medication options applicable to different types of epilepsy.


The co-chairperson of the GladAfrica Foundation, Mr. Noel Mashaba, was affected by epilepsy from a young age hence this disorder remains high priority for the GladAfrica Foundation.

How we Help

Epilepsy Research Project

In 2020, The GladAfrica Foundation partnered with the University of Venda which is aimed at researching epilepsy in rural communities of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. The aim is to develop and implement relevant education and awareness initiatives that will demystify epilepsy in a clinical way.

Awareness Campaigns

We partake in the annual International Epilepsy Day on the 8th of February and National Epilepsy Day on the 21st of June followed by a weekly national campaign.

Epilepsy Gauteng Branch

Throughout the year we collaborate with the Epilepsy SA Gauteng Branch to raise awareness and funds to assist them to provide:

  • Presentations on Epilepsy to Businesses, Government, Schools & other interested groups
  • Residential Care Centres
  • Protective Workshops
  • Social Development/Self-Help & Support Groups
  • Reach out to communities in raising awareness about Epilepsy, what to do, where to go for help and how to support and assist.

I was so excited to hear of the initiatives and research on combating epilepsy stigma in the country from Morning Live SABC News 2 this morning. I am retired and have some work that I have done on epilepsy and would like to check how best I can work with you to this exciting initiative.

- Dr Johannah Keikelame

Epilepsy Research Project Partnership Between the GladAfrica Foundation and the University of Venda

In line with its mandate of uplifting communities through socially meaningful projects, the GladAfrica Foundation and the University of Venda have entered into a four-year partnership to research epilepsy in rural communities of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

This research will be undertaken by research experts and post-graduate students for the duration. The aim is to develop and implement relevant education and awareness initiatives that will demystify epilepsy in a clinical way.

Multi-sector engagements are required in order to raise awareness about epilepsy hence the initiation of this imminent partnership with the University of Venda. It is through education and awareness campaigns that we can change the narrative about epilepsy and eliminate the stigma about this medical condition.

Should you wish to participate in this initiative or are affected by epilepsy and would want to share your experience, please contact the GladAfrica Foundation on the following email address:

February 3, 2021

GladAfrica Foundation Invests In An Epilepsy Research Project

In a mutual partnership with the GladAfrica Foundation Trust, University of Venda has initiated an epilepsy research project which aims to develop an epilepsy intervention programmes for the rural communities…

International Epilepsy Day, 8 February 2021

In recognition of International Epilepsy Day, the Foundation in partnership with the Epilepsy South Africa Gauteng Branch, will be raising awareness and funds for the benefit of Epilepsy South Africa Gauteng Branch.

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