Our visit to the JS Mpanza Primary School in Soweto in February this year confirmed our pleasure in partnering with a school where the leadership is committed to enhancing the education of its pupils and the community committed to assisting the school in delivering on its mandate.

The Foundation’s donation to the school of televisions and DVD players to facilitate the teaching of numeracy and literacy, as well as the soccer, tennis and volley balls and other sport-related items, is aligned with our mission of meeting some of the academic and social needs of the pupils.

In partnership with GladAfrica Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“GladAfrica”) and its dedicated employees they demonstrated such passion, enthusiasm towards the success of the day. GladAfrica’s group CFO Mr Mpho Mashile, gave a motivational talk to the pupils and community members involved with the school, this was well received.

During our follow-up visit in April 2014, our donation consisted of soccer and netball kits for the under 13s years and under 10s years who participate in the school’s up-and-coming sports teams. Their commitment, dedication and passion to excel in sports spurred their desire to be the best, despite the challenges of an environment not conducive.

We also distributed 550 lunch boxes, which ensured that every school child has a container for the food they receive at the school through the government’s feeding scheme programme.

The enthusiasm and appreciation from the Grade 6 pupils in response to our messages of HOPE for the future and their dreams that they shared with us, was indeed heart-warming and reason to believe that tomorrow’s generation will show the same passion and commitment to improve the future for all as we saw at the school.


What we learned at the JS Mpanza Primary School

It is often not the ‘mega’ contributions that matter, but rather the simple things that really count. The pupils appreciated the learning material and sports equipment, but their joy at receiving a hot dog each was priceless and left us speechless. It was then that we had a glimpse at life through the eyes of a child who did not know where the next meal might come from.

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