What GladAfrica Foundation does

In all its activities, the Foundation pursues standards of best practice. Our focus is on delivering quality-driven socio-economic projects that benefit disadvantaged, black individuals living in challenged and vulnerable communities.

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.”
– Nelson Mandela

Tier 1

Education and Career Development

The Foundation’s education and career development projects aim to empower people in impoverished communities to break the cycle of poverty. We believe that every child, no matter how destitute the environment in which they live, should have the opportunity to dream, the freedom to hope and a belief in the possibility to become a leader and help improve the livelihoods of the poor.

“The message we want to convey is that your situation today does not determine tomorrow, that leaders come from a diversity of backgrounds and that if you can dream and hope and have someone who supports your dream, you too can have a bright future and can help make the future bright for others.”
– Ntwanano Mashaba, Trustee

Our areas of focus are:

  • Identifying learners for mentorship and study support.
  • Partnering with schools to address essential needs.
  • Identifying and financially assisting top achievers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to further their higher education studies.
  • Partnering with universities to raise career awareness and provide information to learners of possible fields of study.
  • Creating projects at partner schools aligned with our vision of using education to alleviating the scourge of poverty in black communities.
Tier 2

Social Development

Community development is integral to poverty alleviation. Livelihood challenges are the daily reality of most indigent communities. A lack of resources and opportunities for improvement prevent those resident in such communities from creating a better life for themselves and, eventually, for their communities.

Our strategy involves identifying innovative projects that address community challenges and sustainably empowers individuals to help lift their communities out of a cycle of poverty.

The Foundation’s social development focus entails:

  • Partnering with a charity to champion its cause by providing needs-based support, such as sanitation, care for the destitute and a feeding scheme.
  • Identifying community needs by developing a model and goals that will deliver what is really required to the benefit of the entire community.
  • Creating a sense of responsibility and ownership within a community through mutual understanding among all stakeholders to ensure that projects are successful and sustainable.
  • Developing short-term and long-term projects with deliverables that are measurable.
  • Rebuilding the moral fibre of society by providing communities with a communal space that engenders morality, values, discipline and respect for and among all community members.

“Our message to black communities that battle poverty on a daily basis is that no-one has to rely on others to better themselves, that the road to improvement lies within communities that are self-driven and work together to improve the quality of living standards for the benefit of all.”
– Ntwanano Mashaba,Trustee

Tier 3

Partnering for Health Research

Health is at the core of our ability to succeed and prosper. Millions of South Africans, living in communities where health education is sparse and poverty a way of life, are adversely affected by unfamiliar and misunderstood health conditions. Such ignorance creates myths, infuses social stigma and leads to discrimination against those affected. Knowledge and awareness can and does mitigate the debilitating effect of certain health conditions and improves the ability of those afflicted to deal with their illnesses.

Epilepsy is such a condition and one that has affected the life of a founder of the Foundation. In its first health research project, the Foundation is partnering with a research organisation to raise awareness about and assist with the management of epilepsy in black communities. The ultimate aim is to contribute to community understanding and acceptance of stigmatised illnesses and the ability of individuals to better cope with their conditions.

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